What is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do is a modern and effective fighting art and self defence system. Tae Kwon Do combines striking with hands and powerful kicks with defensive blocks and takedowns.

You learn basic strikes, kicks and blocks which build into fighting combinations. To help you learn how to defend yourself this is combined with partnered training and non-contact sparring. You study set patterns of movements called “hyung” or “patterns” that combine mastery of technique and footwork.

What will I learn?

At UQ Tae Kwon Do you learn:

  • Basic techniques and foot work
  • Combinations and sparring
  • Takedowns and sweeps
  • Escapes against grappling
  • Ground fighting
  • Self defense techniques and counters – pins, holds and
    chokes and how to escape from them
  • Defense against weapons such as sticks and knives
  • Power training through bag and mit work
  • Breaking techniques practiced on wood and tiles